Halo Screensaver


No one better than Master Chief to protect your screen



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Halo Screensaver is a screensaver inspired by the Halo franchise, the flagship of Microsoft and Xbox 360, in which we see the Master Chief saving the galaxy on your desktop, something that so far we only had in our televisions.

The images, which include flame motion effects, always show the Master Chief with his iconic assault rifle ready, in a stance like those who usually save the world from catastrophe.

The best thing about Halo Screensaver, although the images are good quality, is undoubtedly the presence of the Halo main theme, that although you may deactivate, is a real treat, so you should not deactivate it.

Halo Screensaver is a screensaver designed especially for fans of the Halo series, who can enjoy the music and images of their game at any time.
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